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Pinery Provincial Park

I've made a few trips up to the Pinery Provincial Park during the fall colour display, and hiked most of the trails looking for bold intense colours that would translate nicely into the black and white tonal range. Most of the colour on the trees are turning yellow and a lot of the foliage is still green, so I think there is still more time this season for getting great photographs into mid November.

Pinery Provincial Park Fall Colours in Monochrome

Choosing black and white for photography in a season with such bold colours may seem a bit odd to some photographers but it really is the best time to take advantage of the range of tones available and create very dynamic photographs. During the summer months the continuous tone of the green foliage usually only produces a wash of mid-grey in a monochrome image and leaves very little room to enhance tonal separations. So I definitely encourage people to try black and white photography even during this season of intense colours!

Birch Tree, Pinery Provincial Park

Without the change of colour in the above photograph, the birch tree would blend in with the tonality of the green cedars surrounding it. The yellow of the birch leaves allows it to jump forward in the composition.
The photograph below is an oak tree that wasn't quite in full colour, but the greens were getting much paler than the surrounding green tones. By using an infrared process I was able to draw out the shape of the tree and separate it from the background.

Oak Tree along the Old Ausable River Channel in the Pinery Provincial Park

Hopefully, where you are, there is still time in the season to enjoy the changing colours! If so, grab the camera and head out into the woods and hike some trails and try shooting some beautiful monochrome photographs!

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