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Fork Lake - Algonquin Park, Ontario

Sometimes you just want to paddle away from everything for just a few days and sit by a nice fire, eat good food, and enjoy a rich tasty coffee by a lake as you soak up the early morning sun. That was the plan for my trip into Fork Lake, Algonquin Park. This lake is very easy to get to and the paddle down Sunday Creek is leisurely and relaxing. You come out of the creek into the small Norway Lake. If you choose to stop here there's a couple campsites on this lake. But you can paddle further down another creek into Fork Lake. You will need to lift over a beaver dam, but that's all. No portages on this trip! So I took advantage of that and packed lots of great food and copious amounts of wine!

There are 2 campsites on the southern portion of the lake, and very few people come through on the canoe route, so it's a quiet place to visit for a couple days and just relax. I prefer the island campsite, but it can be very windy. So if you go in cooler weather the other site might be a better choice (and it has a great view of the island and sunrise). If you feel adventurous there is also an old portage from the northern portion of the lake (you can see the Visitors Centre in the distance from this portion of the lake) on the east side where the stream comes in. It's quite overgrown now but there's some nice views just a few metres in from the lake.

Here's a short 5 minute video I made while I was there, with a couple time lapse sequences tossed in for good measure!
Give the lake a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy it! (I imagine the fall colours on this lake will offer great photographic opportunities)

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