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Being Patient

It's part of the "mental game" that is needed in order to devote time and attention to a scene that is worthy of photographic consideration. Walking up to beautiful landscape and clicking the shutter and moving on rarely produces the type of image that captures the emotion and uniqueness we desire in our photographs. We should strive to capture scenes that show a brief moment in time, a moment that won't be there an hour from now or tomorrow… or ever. The light changes, the colours change, the elements in the scene move in and out of frame. We seek to find that right moment with the convergence of all these elements

One of my favourite photographers who has inspired me in many ways is
Sam Abell. He was a staff photographer for National Geographic Magazine for many years and produced many photographs that capture the convergence of moments and scenes… that special image that can't be captured again. His most inspirational advice is to "Compose and Wait". Frame up the scene with composition and lines and all the elements you want in the picture… then wait for the moment. Spend time with the composition in front of you and determine what is most intriguing about it, and emphasize it however you can with framing, focal length, position, etc.

All that's left… is that moment that can never be reproduced. Wait.

Southwestern Ontario farm and old barn with blues and greens - ©Joshua Hakin 2016

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